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Belize Mutual Funds 

Benefits of establishing a mutual fund in an offshore financial center like Belize are: Minimum or zero tax on capital gains, incomes, profits and dividends that accrue to the Fund. Minimum or zero tax on fees, commissions and profits earned by the Fund Managers, Advisors and Administrators, registered and regulated in an offshore financial center. Relatively lower level of regulation also allows for a faster and easier establishment process of an offshore investment fund. Running and administration costs are typically lower, too. No exchange controls or restrictions on financial transfers apply to Belize-registered offshore mutual funds.

There are no minimum capital requirements for a Belize mutual fund, neither there are any restrictions as to the type, denomination, number, classes and designation of rights of shares that can be created. Multiple classes of shares may be issued to distinguish between different classes of assets, investors or even currencies. The authorized share capital would typically consist of common voting shares and non-voting preference shares, however different and more complicated layouts are certainly possible. Shares can be denominated in any currency, or in multiple currencies.

There are no statutory limitations as regards the investment policies, investment instruments and borrowing powers of a Belize mutual fund, as such conditions are only prescribed by internal documents (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Prospectus, Placement Memorandum, Offering Circular, etc.) of the fund itself, which are determined by the promoters and managers of the fund.

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