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Belize is home to multiple internationally known financial services products and services. Which include: Trading in financial commodity-based derivative instruments?

Belize Foundations:

Belize foundations are corporate entities exempt from all taxes and duties as long as founder and beneficiaries are non-resident and all of the endowed property and interests are held outside Belize.

Belize Foundations can carry out any kind of civil or commercial transactions apart from activities prohibited in Belize or any financial services business. They do not have excessive maintenance or administrative requirements.

Gaming License

For the purpose of the new online gaming regulations, a person who conducts online gaming is anyone who is actively engaged in the organization, management or promotion of gaming or a lottery or any business involving the negotiation or receiving of a bet or the maintenance of any computer or other device in Belize by means of which a game or lottery is operated. Anyone intending to conduct online gaming in Belize must be licensed by the Gaming Control Board

Financial Services Licenses

We also assist clients with obtaining of the following licenses for various financial service business : A company incorporated in Belize can carry out various Financial services activities if the company has obtained a Special License. These Financial services activities could be trading in Foreign Exchange, trading in financial commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities, money transmission services, payment processing services, money brokering, money lending and pawning, money exchange, brokerage, consultancy and advisory services in any financial services, accounting services, safe custody services and international asset protection and management. Licensed companies are always seen as more reliable and serious than no-licensed underground firms.

The benefits of registering a financial services company in Belize are:

No tax payable on any income or capital gains as well as on all the payments that such company makes to persons who are not residents in Belize, like, dividends, interests, royalties, compensations or any other distributions.

No stamp duty payable on any transfer of property, any transaction regarding shares or other securities of the company or any other instruments or activities of the company.

They permit high level of flexibility and faster operation. Furthermore, there is also no obligation of financial reporting which allows the company to avoid complicated and expensive accountancy organization.

All financial information is to be kept as detailed as the owner of the company considers necessary and that is sufficient to determine the current financial situation of the company at any moment.

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