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Mutual Fund is a collective investment vehicle that pools money from investors and invests in a number of instruments like stocks, bonds, options, commodities, money market instruments.
The BVI mutual funds investment business is governed by the Mutual Funds Act, 1996, which is administered by the BVI Financial Services Commission British Virgin Islands is the world leader in registration of offshore mutual funds. With over 3000 registered Funds in BVI,it is has over USD100 billion under management. The popularity of the BVI as the prime location for offshore mutual funds grows by the day, as investment professionals increasingly recognize the benefits of this tropical island.


Politically stable nation
Does not disclose its banking or fiscal information
Credibility as a vintage offshore jurisdiction.
Time-zone location makes it convenient for communications across the American continent.

Types of BVI MF

Private Fund – Has less than 50 investors and shares are not offered to the public.

Public Fund – Offers shares to the general public and requires higher levels of compliance.

Professional Fund – Offered only to professional investors and has a minimum initial investment of US $100,000.

Incubator Fund – is designed for managers who are looking to start an investment strategy on a trial basis with sophisticated investors.

Approved Fund – is designed for smaller strategies and friends and family funds; Net assets of the fund must not exceed US$100,000,000

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