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AM. Abacus HK

AM. Abacus (HK) Ltd ,previously known as Analog Corporate Services (HK) Ltd ,was established
in 2009 to participate in the huge opportunity and offer corporate and allied services in Hong
Kong. AM. Abacus HK started offering Hong Kong Companies and has now grown to offer
complete bundled offerings which include not just the company and management services, but
also related services including virtual office, Auditing & filing of regulatory requirements, notary
services and many more.

Furthermore, we have moved into the global space and expanded to well beyond where we
started.We also have the potential to offer services across the world due to our affiliation with
our multi-jurisdiction global group company, AM Abacus Group.

Hong Kong as a Jurisdiction

In 1997, the British rule of Hong Kong was handed over to China and it became a Special
Administrative Region under Chinese rule. Hong Kong today is a prosperous region with good
international repute.

Hong Kong is confluence of diverse cultural lifestyle from across the world. Clean and quiet
parks are located throughout the city, for when you need to get away from the hectic city life.
The metro subway is one of the best in the world. The crime rate is very low and is politically
and judicially strong. English is the most commonly used language for communication.

Known as the “Gateway to China “, Hong Kong is a highly investor friendly low-tax jurisdiction.
Hong Kong still remains a very attractive jurisdiction for companies set up , since it applies
territorial taxation, only income earned within Hong Kong is subject to corporate tax rate.

Hong Kong Companies are easy to form, maintain, and operate private limited companies in
Hong Kong. With a host of international banks present in Hong Kong starting an account is a
breeze. The banks have generally low transaction fees.

Incorporation of a Hong Kong company is the easiest way to get a low or zero-tax private limited
company in a reputable jurisdiction.

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