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A report by European Fund and Asset Management Association states that investment fund assets worldwide, stands at EUR 21.42 trillion at end June 2012. And the total net inflows into investment funds during the quarter amounted to EUR 99 billion. While the world has become small, the amount of information that a Fund Manager or Investment Advisor has to process before taking an investment decision has increased in multiples. Additionally, when investments from a fund has to flow in and out of many countries, the issues pertaining to taxation on gains and ease of flow of funds within the banking network can be a painful hurdle to surpass.

When the quantum of investments is as high, the last problem you as a Fund Manager or an Investment Advisor would like to handle is the administration requirements in setting up and running the funds. You need an expert who can simultaneously work with you and provide completely tailored solutions that enable you to effectively setup and administer funds of different nature in appropriate country/jurisdiction.

We exactly do this. At a strategic level, we understand a fund’s life cycle from launch to maturity – and consequently, the differing needs of fund managers, and other fund functionaries at these times.

Provided an opportunity we use our knowledge and experience for you. We have both regulatory experience and the understanding of the foreign exchange and securities markets. We know how to navigate the compliance rules and regulations in several regulated jurisdictions across the world. Together with you, we can identify and establish your funds- and subsequently draw the investment policy, governance requirements and other parameters, set up a team of fund functionaries and process back-office functions involved in the setting up and administration of the fund. Our solutions are candidly cut-out so that you can focus on the core elements of the chain: identification, management and distribution.

We understand that a wealth creator, your focus is and must be towards creation of wealth and we enable you to live your dream.

Access here to understand how and why our client, a High Net Worth Individual, who was looking at South East Asia as a market to his grow his investments, was advised to create a fund structure domiciled in Seychelles

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