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Real, workable and long-lasting solutions that is just right for you

There can be no second thought; Globalization is indeed transforming the way businesses operate. As the boundaries get thin and blur, many corporate are making the most and exploring global opportunities; to increase brand value, find new customers& markets, seek tax incentives and protect assets. While we go with the flow and acknowledge the advantages, we also would like to augur that inherent in any overseas business expansion are the unknowns.In addition to cultural and language differences, there is simply the issue of not knowing the legal and regulated environment of the country or the market. If you don’t do what’s right for you, the perils of “the system” become dire. The need-of-the hour is real workable and long-lasting solutions that are just right for you.

We pride in ourselves by stating that we have provided such real workable and long-lasting solutions that are tailor-made to several business entities when they decided to cross borders and expand their horizons.

  • Our solutions are real since it is based out of sheer experience and not-text book theory oriented.
  • Our solutions are practical as it been designed and delivered by professionals who are experts in international business,law, taxation & accounting, finance and corporate structuring with multi-jurisdictional and multi-linguistic knowledge, besides having appetite to constantly update and innovate.
  • Our solutions are long-lasting as it not based on “one size fits all”; it is tailor-made after knowing you and your stakeholders, your goals as a business entity, your capabilities and your vision.

Further, our vast global presence especially in Seychelles, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Panama, Cayman Islands, Singapore, BVI, Cyprus, Dubai-RAK and India add to our strength. Whether you wanted to establish Offshore companies, Resident companies / Special License Companies, Limited Partnership Companies, Offshore trusts, Foundations, Investment Funds Businesses (Mutual, Hedge, Private) or Shelf & Vintage Companies we have the necessary tools & methods to deliver a glove-fit solution.

Access here to understand how we delivered a real, workable and long-lasting solution to a company based in China when it was looking at investing into the mining industry in an African Nation.

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