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Sensibly prepare for your family’s financial future and well-being

“I am more concerned about the return of my money, than the return on my money.” Mark Twain

Mark Twain sure is a visionary. The more the money the person has the more effort it takes to maintain and preserve the assets. You, as a super rich, may find the statement spot on. In these volatile economic times any financial crisis at any part of the world may dip your fortune to unforeseen levels. Besides, tough tax and regulatory environment across many developed and developing countries such as the UK, US, India and China, where you have 30- 50 percent plus tax rates, may compel you to explore the other alternatives. Wealth planning and Asset Protection no more remains at the middle or bottom of your priority pyramid.

We have been emphasizing this reality to several of our clients who are High Net Worth Individuals and Wealthy Institutions. We, at AM Abacus, insist that the coin of Wealth as two sides: Acquiring & Multiplying AND Planning & Protecting, without which the coin has no value. While you take care of the first side, the latter needs sensible and smart experts’ advice and solutions. At the end, what matters most is not what you earn, it is what you keep.

We can be your expert. Our difference lies in our vision, to go beyond the routine investment services doled out by several wealth management companies and ensure’ perceptive before providing’. Our wealth planning and asset protection solutions are meticulously designed only after knowing you. Whether it is for investment management, estate planning, tax planning, or asset protection, we insist in asking before providing. This persistence ensures that our solutions are just right for you; to mitigate risks, shield assets from unwarranted taxes, creditors and other possible liabilities and sensibly prepare for your family’s financial future and well-being.

Our sheer experience & expertise – providing wealth planning and asset protection solutions for numerous individuals and entities across the world for several years has enabled us to stand out in the crowd.

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