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Those who wanted to cross; explore and prosper

Exploring and Crossing Borders for prosperity and safety is not a new phenomenon to mankind. The moment he started to walk, he didn’t hesitate to cross Africa, the birth place of ancient civilization, in search of better opportunities. After thousands of years, the ideology still works.

We, at AM. Abacus, are aware of the fact that there are several individuals and institutions who wanted to explore, cross boarders and search opportunities for prosperity and safety. For some, the reason could be to protect their private wealth & assets from the possibilities of lawsuits & claims and to sensibly pass it on the family’s future generations. For some, to make the most out of globalization and expand their markets and for others, it may perhaps be to find investable opportunities that provide a higher ROI. Whatever the reasons are, we strongly believe that there is no defining moment to cross frontiers, expand horizons and prosper while there are only defining methods and solutions.

AM. Abacus has been providing such defining distinct solutions to International Businesses, High Net Worth Individuals, Institutional Investors / Entrepreneurs, Fund Operators and other Financial Intermediaries who all wanted to cross, explore and prosper in this global market. Our knowledge of ever-changing international laws, regulations, taxes and other statutory norms; vast global presence and highly motivated team members enable us to provide unique solutions that are personalized according to your need and situation.

We recognize that each client is different and so is their requirement. And that is the reason we think out of box to identify your exact needs, preferences and abilities before recommending any solution. After comprehensive due diligence and extensive analysis of expected results across a range of jurisdictions / investment strategies we create your portfolio. Besides, we also ensure that our solutions are strategized to adapt to changing financial and family needs.

Access here to understand how we went about providing a solution to a company based in China, which was looking at investing into the mining industry in an African nation.

Read further to understand why we offered “Establishing a Foundation” in Mauritius as a solution to one of our client, who wanted full flexibility while reserving rights of the assets either for himself or someone he trusted.


In today’s rapidly changing and challenging financial environment, financial intermediaries including Tax Advisory Firms, Bankers, Law Firms, Accounting Firms and other individual investment advisers can survive only if they provide outstanding service and sound financial solutions to their clients.


High Net worth Individuals

World’s wealthy set to grow by 50% in the next decade states a recent study conducted by an expert in this field*. Further key findings include that the global number of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs is defined as someone with $30 million or more in net assets) increased by almost 8,700, or 5%, in 2012;

fastest growth in wealth creation will be in Asia and Latin America over the next 10 years; London and New York are the top destinations in the world for wealthy individuals and will remain so until 2023.


Fund Operators

The more the merrier is very truthful when it comes to money. While many sweat through their brows to earn, they need to sweat through their mind to double it.

Perhaps that’s the reason they hire “the best minds” to do the job. The trend has seen many brightest minds becoming experts in the investment and financial asset management arena and increasingly advising many high net worth individuals, corporate institutions and other financial intermediaries when, how and where to invest.



In the history of mankind, there has never been a time like now: the potential for great wealth and prosperity been accessible to so many is unbelievably true.

There has been such a variety of exciting international business opportunities for those who choose entrepreneurship as a viable future. The world is truly global.


International Businesses

There is an abundance of opportunities for businesses in all corners of the world – your ambitions to exploit those makes the difference. More and more enterprises are fuelled by such ambitions – To go global, cross borders and establish international entities.

While your ambitions to grow global enable you to cross borders - identifying the appropriate markets, methods and solutions is crucial to your international success.

As, one cannot walk the same path as others, as individual objectives and abilities differ, you need an expert’s hand to cut your own path through the forest and head-start your international business expedition.