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For those who choose entrepreneurship as a viable future

In the history of mankind, there has never been a time like now: the potential for great wealth and prosperity been accessible to so many is unbelievably true. There has been such a variety of exciting international business opportunities for those who choose entrepreneurship as a viable future. The world is truly global.

This is the moment for entrepreneurs like you. To relish your dreams, to turn your business concepts into reality and to make the world your market, there has never been a better time. All you have to do is to get it done right from the start. From formulating your business/wealth planning& protection plans, scouting best locations and people, to incorporation and networking, you need to be nimble, devise the right strategy and implement the best solutions. Most importantly if you understand that while the borders are open, the laws governing business arrangements vary from region to region/ market to market and country to country and hence be jurisprudent, you are close to your success. An expert guidance could mean a lot to you.

We at AM Abacus provide such expert guidance and apt solutions. We make business work for you. For years now, we have ensured several bunch of smart, committed and ambitious entrepreneurs make it in this global village.

Our diverse experience in enabling international businesses, providing wealth planning & asset protection solutions and empowering international fund operators; our vast global network of places and professionals; our highly skilled and knowledgeable international workforce combine together and ensure that you are:

  • Educated about the latest global economic, financial and legal trendsright from the time you engage us
  • Enabled to establish the right kind of international business identity as per your need , abilities and circumstances, all in compliance with international best practices
  • Empowered to sustain and grow

Together we work for your success.

International Businesses

There is an abundance of opportunities for businesses in all corners of the world – your ambitions to exploit those makes the difference. More and more enterprises are fuelled by such ambitions – To go global, cross borders and establish international entities.

While your ambitions to grow global enable you to cross borders - identifying the appropriate markets, methods and solutions is crucial to your international success. As, one cannot walk the same path as others, as individual objectives and abilities differ, you need an expert’s hand to cut your own path through the forest and head-start your international business expedition.


Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

Mark Twain sure is a visionary. The more the money the person has the more effort it takes to maintain and preserve the assets. You, as a super rich, may find the statement spot on.

In these volatile economic times any financial crisis at any part of the world may dip your fortune to unforeseen levels. Besides, tough tax and regulatory environment across many developed and developing countries such as the UK, US, India and China, where you have 30- 50 percent plus tax rates, may compel you to explore the other alternatives.

Wealth planning and Asset Protection no more remains at the middle or bottom of your priority pyramid.