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The finest of the finest, the best of the best – The high net worth individual

World’s wealthy set to grow by 50% in the next decade states a recent study conducted by an expert in this field*. Further key findings include that the global number of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs is defined as someone with $30 million or more in net assets) increased by almost 8,700, or 5%, in 2012; fastest growth in wealth creation will be in Asia and Latin America over the next 10 years; London and New York are the top destinations in the world for wealthy individuals and will remain so until 2023.

If you are already there or expected to reach the exclusive club, we wish you the best and reckon your years of hard work, efforts and commitment. At the same time, we also are aware of the fact that sustaining the position is much more difficult than reaching it. Protecting and growing your wealth can be more intimidating than earning or acquiring from the scratch. Your wealth can steeply erode if you don’t make the right moves and plan diligently against possible claimants, lawsuits and tax liabilities.

One right move perhaps is to reach us.

We, at AM. Abacus, have the expertise and experience to understand you, your needs, aspirations and abilities. Being the finest of the finest, the best of the best, you are important to us; whichever part of the world you are and whichever category you belong to – HNWI, Very- HNWI and Ultra- HNWI, we go an extra yard to explore and deliver the right solutions to your goals.

Besides our own team, we have networked with several professionals who are experts in asset protection, offshore banking, wealth management, offshore trust management and offshore company formation across the globe to deliver the right solution that is extremely tailored to suit you.

So, make the move; Reach us. Ensure that you maintain your wealth and asset value as much as possible from tax erosion, liabilities and other possible claimants.

Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

Mark Twain sure is a visionary. The more the money the person has the more effort it takes to maintain and preserve the assets. You, as a super rich, may find the statement spot on. In these volatile economic times any financial crisis at any part of the world may dip your fortune to unforeseen levels.

Besides, tough tax and regulatory environment across many developed and developing countries such as the UK, US, India and China, where you have 30- 50 percent plus tax rates, may compel you to explore the other alternatives. Wealth planning and Asset Protection no more remains at the middle or bottom of your priority pyramid.


Fund Solution

The more the merrier is very truthful when it comes to money. While many sweat through their brows to earn, they need to sweat through their mind to double it. Perhaps that’s the reason they hire “the best minds” to do the job.

The trend has seen many brightest minds becoming experts in the investment and financial asset management arena and increasingly advising many high net worth individuals, corporate institutions and other financial intermediaries when, how and where to invest.