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Those who manage ‘other people money’

In today’s rapidly changing and challenging financial environment, financial intermediaries including Tax Advisory Firms, Bankers, Law Firms, Accounting Firms and other individual investment advisers can survive only if they provide outstanding service and sound financial solutions to their clients. If you are one among them, you would agree with us that managing others money is no easy task and you need to constantly find compelling investment and business opportunities to grow / protect their wealth in a safe and tax compliant way besides providing round the clock outstanding services. Perhaps you may need a partner; while you engage your clients, your partner can do the background work for you, from scouting investment opportunities, market locations, people to strategizing solutions as per latest international laws and tax treaties amendments.

With AM Abacus, you find such as partner who can help you augment your potential for designing solutions that facilitate capital preservation, capital appreciation, and income or tax mitigation for your clients. You can rely on our expertise on a wide range of trends, from enabling international businesses in emerging markets, financial regulation and tax issues relating to cross-border wealth management to establishing hedge/mutual funds. We have provided comprehensive solutions addressing these needs to several individuals and institutions across the globe and hence gained the required experience and expertise.

Our approach is our strength. We understand the different challenges you as an investment professional client / financial intermediary face while managing your client asset. Hence, our solutions are designed only after knowing you and your requirements and implemented the way you wanted and not the other way around. Today we can provide a broad range of investment and asset protection solutions that are cut-out just right for you and enable you navigate the financial markets across the globe with confidence and execute your investment strategies successfully.

As you see your success in your clients’ satisfaction- we see our success in your satisfaction.

International Businesses

There is an abundance of opportunities for businesses in all corners of the world – your ambitions to exploit those makes the difference. More and more enterprises are fuelled by such ambitions – To go global, cross borders and establish international entities.

While your ambitions to grow global enable you to cross borders - identifying the appropriate markets, methods and solutions is crucial to your international success. As, one cannot walk the same path as others, as individual objectives and abilities differ, you need an expert’s hand to cut your own path through the forest and head-start your international business expedition.


Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

Mark Twain sure is a visionary. The more the money the person has the more effort it takes to maintain and preserve the assets. You, as a super rich, may find the statement spot on.

In these volatile economic times any financial crisis at any part of the world may dip your fortune to unforeseen levels. Besides, tough tax and regulatory environment across many developed and developing countries such as the UK, US, India and China, where you have 30- 50 percent plus tax rates, may compel you to explore the other alternatives.

Wealth planning and Asset Protection no more remains at the middle or bottom of your priority pyramid.